BBQ Tuesday, oh oh Wednesday and Beach Anniversary Thursday

An early evening barbecue at Casa Davison rounded off a full Tuesday. My strip-down of the ATV took up the middle of the day so Deryk’s cooking and Margaret topping up glasses was very much appreciated.

Its a year since meeting Karen, Anthony, Chris (and his girlfriend Jasmine).

Margaret had just celebrated her birthday in fine style and I could pass her a little present. She had admired the powerful little package I have, now she has her hands on something reassuring. The tubular mobile phone battery pack can slip inside her purse and keep her charged up to answer all the Bridge, Ladies Lunches, Yoga Club appointment calls she makes either side of family Facebook and Skype stuff.

It was moving towards one a.m. when I said goodnight to the other party stragglers. The late finish and a missed alarm for Prisci meant a rescheduled Wednesday.

I had the washing machine timer ready as a run/wait circuit for the Radar at the Military Museum. Stripped down and gearing changed, it now ran constantly and operated a new micro switch from the disc that replaced the knob. Next Wednesday will have to do for the fitting job, this one was now a Prisci day to enjoy coffee and Spanglais, and watch Conjurer 1 & 2 ready for a cinema visit to see The Nun.

No Guns, Radar, Cartagena drive over the mountains, catch-up with Stu nor Vicky’s chips and Cerveza.

Well rested then for meeting up with Maria and John. The Lubanski’s were in Las Alcázares for their 32nd wedding Anniversary. This would be my third year of gatecrashing it. It’s a tradition now – meet on the beach, just a coffee and paddle.

My old HMS Sheffield shipmate is a similar man of taste, just a coffee and stay trim. Maria however insisted on Rose wine by the bucket and we ex-RN gentlemen were obliged to take a sip of beer to keep her company.

Maria hadn’t lost any of the previous years learnt skill on the Stand-Up Paddle Board

John also maintained his ability from 2017

The hour or so just ran into all day, as a few others on the beach joined us to try out the board. A great day on the beach that I had moved the cycle up the mountain to Friday afternoon for.

A few hours Friday now can be spent fault finding as I dismantle the ATV, it’s good to have different projects on the go