All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) – CF Moto – Driving me nuts!

The clutch variator cover plate is holding fast against all attempts to undo the 32 mm nut holding the unit on the shaft. Trying to wedge the housing casting so I can turn the right handed thread nut (double checked the rotation of this) is in danger of damaging the case.

The garage mechanic from the nearby workshop popped down with a socket, extension bar and length of scaffold tube with conviction he could move it. Everything tried by him failed too.

Soaking it in WD 40 and leaving overnight for a fresh try another day is plan F. I’ll try and find a vibration driver (pneumatic or battery) when I come back to it.

I’m pretty sure that I’ll find the rollers with flat edges inside the cover. More so now I’ve noticed half of a sandy beach coming from the covers orifices each time I tap it. The aim is to see it open like this parts picture

A couple of other jobs need doing meanwhile.

The suspension grease nipples are impossible to use as is. They need replacing with right-angled ones to enable routine connection of the grease gun without needing wheel and disc removal

Another job is the excessive play in the bushes that have been allowing wheel knocking and vibration.

The bushes come off easily but while removing them I noticed a grease nipple point on the underside. The drivers side point needs replacing while the passenger side grease nipple seemed missing.

The camera showed this difficult to get to position was actually a snapped grease nipple unitThe grease must have leaked from this point and dried up the tube and bush to result in the wheel mount ‘play’.

New grease nipples and new bushes to buy, and renewed effort on the variator lock nut will have to wait until after the volunteer work in the Cartagena Military Museum where my stop/start modification to the Radar motor (from a scrap washing machine) should see controlled run-up, run-down rotation

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