Mazarron stroll, Cycle La Cuesta and ‘Pump-up The Volume’.

A shopping walk around Mazarron for parts for different projects also gave me chance to visit one of the monuments on its hillsThe mines surround the hill opposite, and is a great tour to take. The mines tour last year told of the different minerals and silver there that was sent direct to ships in the port (Puerto Mazarrón). Some of the housing and works buildings are still standing and free to walk about in.

The surrounding hills are dramatic and make good walks. The hill with Christ points the way to the port.

Maypu, a brilliant parts place, had the grease nipples I needed. Then onto ‘Raul’s’ to meet the owner and order parts for Stu’s ATVThe new Clutch Variator rollers, Drive Belt and Cone Sliders will be here Wednesday – ATV blog post standby👨🏼‍🏭

The street architecture in all places of the world fascinate still. Here you can seemingly string electrics anyhow. A Communications mast at the top of a building should have trunking to street level and catenary wire to support it to a connection box. Or – just throw the cable off the roof and find somewhere to join it

The heat over summer, above 40 deg’s, had an impact on Deryk’s irrigation pump. The pressure had dropped steadily over the summer and it had needed re-priming a few times. Losing all suction to draw from the well, it was time to check it properly. The view while stripping the pump in the workshop is pretty decentAfter a few false ‘fixes’ I noticed the inner rim that steadies the seal had expanded at the top and compressed at the bottom. An air leak and water leak! The moulded-in nuts had also moved forward, impressing a serrated ring in the housing that showed it could not seal face-to-face now.

My Mazarrón shopping trip included six 100mm size 8 studs to drill and replace the cross headed bolts that pulled on the moulded nuts

Before returning home to do the drill and stud fix job, I had coffee in the port to assess my shopping – it is the good life ….

The break from work that I’m enjoying doing, is the Thursday 3 ‘o’ clock cycle of 25Kms to La Cuesta and a Cerveza halfway back down with Stu. Pablo’s is comfortable and it is enforced Spanish practice with him. No English nor mobile phones tolerated.

Stu has weekly reiterated his promise to get his electric bike on the road and enjoy the exercise to his home 500 metres away – pictorial evidence is here to show how his transport mode has progressed

Back at the apartment and the visit to the port for coffee’s in future might be easier, let the train take the strain…