All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) – CF Moto, Parts and Tools

“Wednesday, si, Miércoles, for the parts”. But a delivery problem put this promise from an apologetic Raül back a day.

Thursday and everything is ready and collected. It’s not a cheap job – parts circa €500

Raül also dug around the workshop to find me his adapted socket that I was having a problem getting hold of.

The 32mm socket I had was the standard size, the nut was 32mm as I had checked with a graduated wrench. Sooo, why wasn’t the socket sitting correctly? After looking into the socket and noticing the markings it was clear that the shaft through the nut was longer that the socket. I shopped around for a longer 32mm tool but none in the region!

At Raul’s he explained the function of the parts I was to fit, and how the worn parts give symptoms that you would not easily associate to them.

Raül explained the €300 belt is produced for CF Moto by Banda, but in a year or so it will probably be a direct Banda spare at a lower cost.

The shape and drive of the transmission cones (variator clutch) was another interesting talk. Then he told me the importance of the new sliders and how when worn give a standing rattle in the drive (they are yellow in the pics, but new ones are black).

The new bushes for the suspension arm didn’t need comment, other than be careful tapping in as they look tough but are only composite.

I’ve replaced all the grease nipples, after using an easy-out on the broken one that had left half in the thread. The easy-out tool seemed too long at first, but I found moving the holes in the aerated brake disc allowed it to fit, while I turned it with mole grips.

I’m good to go now with the battle of the Variator Nut

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