Take a seat, an old pallet re-used

The eight veteran chairs at Valerie’s have lost their seating cord. Each giving way over the last summer as the heat and flow of visitors took their toll. The metal scrolling makes the chairs ‘keepers’ for Valerie. Her brother-in-law, Ron, had made a cardboard template with the idea of some type of board to be used. Ron returned to U.K. before he and Valerie had decided on material.

I took the template to see if I could give an option, and in-between other projects produced a seat from an old pallet on my roof terrace. The work on the pump at Deryk’s was on hold for a few days as he had pressing businessValerie was pleased with the idea of a seat that was rugged, low cost and she could treat/paint/varnish to suit. A replacement would be easy to make if there was any problems too.

Stu had a lot of ready broken down pallets that we had done for a project a few months back. Ten lengths were enough and we met at Pablo’s for the exchange of material (and a Cerveza). Back on my roof I cracked on with ‘production’ (and Spain v England repeat during my coffee break)….The padded cushion covers Valerie has should make the chairs comfortable, but I’ll sand down and edge the wood before passing them on in case anyone sits down without a pad on. If they did and cut their bottom it could be death by Arsenick!

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