All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) – CF Moto, Variator Clutch Refurbished

I think I used 250 pounds/foot on the nut that is stated as 80 lbs/ft torque. After lots of attempts using lots of advice didn’t get the job done, I rigged a bolster and lock arrangement using the recesses in the casing. A thick shafted screwdriver fitted a casing hole and a ring spanner on it that jammed the opposite end jaws to the buggy frame helped steady the clutch. Then extended the socket driver using elongated spark plug sockets to join the extender bars. Once the nut was off I could see the sliders (yellow pieces originally) were in a poor condition, with one really jammed. Rollers seemed to be reasonable enough, but on using a micrometer they were a little oval

Fitting the new belt and putting the clutch together was a 30 minute job

The re-build will take another day, with the front suspension bushes to replace (matching the rear suspension that seems perfect now).

I returned the extended socket to Raul and asked him his thoughts on the old parts. He confirmed the observations I had made, but showed how the belt was in a worse condition than I had said.

There was cracking between the toothing on the inner race. Failure of the belt was probably a few thousand miles away at most.

As I had arrived in Raul’s workshop his staff had explained he was in the showroom just along the road. I saw they were working on a very similar engine. Raül arrived and pointed to the shredded belt on the customers buggy.

A new belt was at least a week away, with a customer needing the transport back ASAP.

Old belt off the CF Moto could be used for a week to help out the man who had given me time, advice and tools. A nice end to a day I had made progress on three projects

Test drive will be Thursday morning 👏🎉🏎