La Manga, Mar Menor/Mediterráneo

Feedback on the pump refurbishment at Deryk’s isn’t good. I think it needs a strip-down for the umpteenth time. But not at the weekend. I’ve put some bits back on the CF Moto Buggy, and then put the tools down until MondaySunday is a trip out day, not a long drive as the weather isn’t too great. I’ve seen the strip of land that creates the lagoon looking ‘Sea of Menor’ from flights in and out of San Javier airport. Taking a drive along it appealed. The road to La Manga strip is an autovía and the coast road itself looks to be new from google mapping the day ahead

Morning coffee and cake was on a concrete ship. The cafe is near one of many points you can throw a stone from one sea to the other I liked the ‘castles-in-the-air’ design of a hotel group, lining the beaches, great views across the seas and Islas Beach strolls all along some 15Km of the strip were quiet at the close season and windy cloudy weekend.

A stop on the way back to Puerto Mazarrón to try Restaurant Martinez Just past Perin, found it to be a top dining place the menu del día was delicious, with the desert I picked a bonus. The pudding with whisky wasn’t a laced mix but a plated pudding that was accompanied by a bottle of whisky that a serving is at least a double shot poured over. The bathroom is down impressive marble stairs, with the planter a nice indicatorThe Restaurant sits on a sizeable estate that draws you to a post meal walkabout.

Refreshed for a busy week ahead, I’m not sure I’d have enjoyed La Manga as much on a sunny seasons day, the street and plentiful hotel/apartment buildings probably gridlock the narrowish road and make the casual stop-and-picture trip a parking nightmare. But a place well worth a visit and one for taking my paddle board later in the year on quiet sunny days