Boiler job, Electrics, on wavy roads and Birds

The tools are out again in Camposol. Helping a new owner on the inland housing estate – must be the attraction of the golf course – I’m hanging and piping his new boilerA simple job after drilling through the concrete and iron bar reinforced wall. The boiler is going to connect to a gas bottle, so it’s been more brute force to fit rather than any tech skill.

The house is on a series of estates labelled Camposol A, B, C and D.

My seaside birthplace on the Wirral peninsula and career in the RN followed by settling in The Port of Mazarrón, is probably a clue as to why this inland gigantic housing estate is not my cup of tea.

The estates started 15 yrs ago and have been problematic as to planning permission, council adopting roads and land shift. Owners have in some cases walked away and the banks now have hundreds of sets of keys. I’m told the banks cannot sell-on until 10yrs after the house has been vacated. Seems true and explains why there are so many empty properties without Sale boards.

The best, or worst, example of the streets state is one that seemingly had prime position. On the outer edge and clear view of the mountains that blocked the way to the coast, the street had imposing homes. Now you can see the garden swimming pool and shower through the gap where a wall once stood. Other properties in the road are still being lived in

The job done, and some additional electrical work (sockets, light fittings etc) completed, I had a Military Museum day to prepare for. Nothing notable to do there, just tidy up the work done so far on the Radar.

The Buggy is back together and after greasing the new suspension bushes will be ready to test drive

There is a lack of calls from U.K. now, saying how the weather is the same as Spain, I wonder why that is??

Here the weather is presented by zip dressed, ankle bracelet wearing dolly birds pointing to Puerto’s high 20’s Brightens up the morning👏

The lady At Vicky’s who arrived with her pet Raven on her shoulder reminded me of a workmates comment when we noticed two starling flirting then making out. I said the lady starling had been playing hard to get, then my mate said “yes but soon gave in, that ones rigged like a blackbird!”