Odd Jobs, Another Paddle’r and Taxi days

The boiler fit at Camposol sparked (not literally) a few more tasks for the new home owners. All completed now with new gas hob, electric oven, washing machine, dishwasher and fridge freezer plumbed/gas/wired in

Other little jobs of replacing electrical sockets and some heavy lifting have left a panicked couple at ease. They had a finite time to vacate their rental and make the shell of a house habitable, they just made it.

No time to work on the buggy these last few days, so the final ‘grease and go’ will be later in the week.

After the busy days with tools, Garth was having a beach BBQ for his 14yr old son on his last night of a weeks visit. It was nice to be invited and meet all his brood.

Ollie was really good on the paddle board, sailed off into the sunset happily

I’ve taxi’d a few people around over the last few days, picking-up after they drop off cars at the garage and airport runs, it’s been a good way to meet up, chat and share a few breakfasts.

It’s getting quiet and dropping into the lower 20’s now. Good to keep up with the surrounding Hill Billy’s

Although Margaret and Deryk have only three arms between them (an unfortunate slip on a wet surface that has put Margaret into a sling for a while), they hosted a beautifully prepared meal for Valerie, Prisci and I. The arm damage is a prompt to them to relax for a few weeks after their UK drive, family visits, Bridge weekends in Mojacar – over enjoying their retired life!

I’ll have the Wednesday volunteer day with Stu and see if we can come to a final point on the Radar project. It keeps luring us into upgrading work we complete.

Karl and Trish should be back in Spain soon. They will bring the part for the generator that’s laying stripped for repair.

Only event of note is the great job of preparation I did on the C30 ready for the airport runs. The sandy paddle board kit taken out of the boot, seats wiped clean and where else to temporarily put something for safety until the cleaning is done ??? Ahh put the insurance, MoT, log book pack on the car roof. Back home a few hours later and a lady had chased my address down and had the important document pack to hand me. Didn’t realise I’d lost it and couldn’t speak enough Spanish to tell Irene how thankful I was. Seems I have a monthly momentary memory lapse, mint time …..