Spanish Resort or Soft Drink 🥤

The Buggy hasn’t passed the road test, the drive is now smooth and the change from Hi to Lo gear is transitioning nicely, but there is a front wheel vibration that could be a prop-shaft or steering wishbone issue. Work to do.

Karl and Trish are back with us in the sun. The part I needed for their generator arrived with them. After sitting open in any weather, the generator ran first start after rebuild …. and produced 240/115volts

Luckily they brought back another generator that was broken to help keep my skills up

All broken toys and wiring jobs are on hold until after Barcelona. A getaway five days to sort out the Catalunya independence.

The first part of the journey, after ruling out trains (11hrs) and flights (only from Alicante 2hrs away) is a drive until the coffee stops and sightseeing is over due to bad light.

Temperature in the car was going up and down – I asked Prisci if she had a problem setting the control. She answers that she was trying to tune the radio but it wouldn’t keep on station 🤷🏻‍♂️

Overnight was in a city that I’m told I’m mis-pronouncing

It is a beautiful city, the morning stroll for breakfast had a choice of clean cafe’s on pristine streets. May well be the overnight choice on the return journey