Barcelona – Sagrada Familia, and the Temple of the Sacred Heart v the National Palace

The ‘Two’ Hotel by Axon has the basics, a Rooftop Bar with swimming pool and Sauna. Just off a Main Street between the shopping concourse with Cartier and McDonalds 15 mins one way and the Mall and Olympic Park 10 mins the opposite way.

Booked on-line from a motorway cafe stop, it was ideally located for us and a puzzle to the Hetrofriendly comment.

Superb room and great breakfast, the Volvo secure in the bowels of a car park designed by Hobbits, it was a great choice if a little ‘pink’.

The sightseeing day before the event we had come to watch Sunday evening took in Barcelona Football Club stadium tourthen a walk to the Sagrada Familia and a coffee while taking in this sight from each of the four sides

The National Palace is a walk up steps and some escalators, past the Majica Fountain (not a sprinkle from it, seems misnamed to me)Behind the Palace is the Olympic Park, where the event Prisci had booked was being held We were going to watch wrestling after we had watched a Netflix series based on the style of WWE. The performers were bouncing off ropes and posing around, it was entertainment actually with the crowd really caught up in it all

The walk from the Palau Sant Jordi stadium back across the palace veranda gave a great view across the city, and to a monument on the hill opposite. we sat with a beer then …. After listening to a few Beatles tracks from the organist (he was playing Hey Jude when we arrived) we walked to the harbour. Decision was made to visit the church/monument on our way out of Barcelona heading home.

At the harbour there was the usual bars/restaurant complex and super yachts, with a rival to Copenhagen’s mermaid. A statue you expect to see commanding the harbour, but ridiculously small for the notoriety it hasThe variety of plazas, streets and alleyways with stylish bars and cafes was endless.

Finding the ‘Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus’ is a charge up winding steep roads that I expected to end in a view of a small church.

At the top you can look back to the Palace on its green hill bank and see all the city. The area is called Tibidabo Park, with fantastic rides outside of the Templeone of the rides was an aeroplane that span around countered by a weight, and flew you over the edge as it rotated

The drive home would nudge the diesel cost to just under a hundred euros. Tolls were another seventy euros, and parking forty euros. The hotel was one hundred and seventy euros. The convenience of the car would have been given up if train or plane matched the costs (but then we would have missed a night in PenisCola).

Worth every dinero, but without any noteworthy (read cock-ups) to blog, I was surprised to have no drama, pocket picked, rip-off moment. Just a cracking weekend to remember

Back at Puerto Mazarrón it helped to stroll the morning after the midnight arrival home, and I took a little exercise up the roundabout lighthouse that unusually had the door open. Quick all-points camera shoot before anyone declares it a no-go building