Wrap-up time

WU 1….. Travel to U.K. for New Year (after a December fortnight in Abu Dhabi) will soon be finalised. The winter ‘woolies’ and gloves are being dragged from storage or bought. A drive up through Spain to Santander ferry, then a loop from Portsmouth, Wales, Wallasey, London and return via ferry or the Cannel Tunnel and France in January – madness to leave the Costa Cálida in this season of Good Chill. The ‘Onesie’ will be packed!

WU2….. Cartagena Military Museum now has a Radar exhibit that is dynamic. The tumble dryer motor and controller, with a light stand dimmer, rotates the aerial. The PPI display creates a track and cursor image using a fan oscillating motor.

WU3….. Jobs and projects started as fill-ins between large projects are complete, with a new skill range of boiler fitting, fibre-glassing, structural building, walls, satellite, wind generator build and erect, swimming pool pumps and controllers, diesel generator repairs, to various uses of pallets under my belt.

WU4….. Spanish transition. The blog started as something to help my communication skills and focused on getting a old Frankia Motorhome from Wales to Puerto Mazarrón. My re-Matriculation of the Volvo C30 to Spanish plates moved on from that, and now I am in the final stages of transferring my driving licence to Spanish. I passed the Spanish Driving medical recently with a score of ‘Major Precision’ on the steering section (might mean I can avoid the hapless drivers on the roundabouts). So transport life is sorted.

WU5….. House-Sitter, the mantra of “leaving the ‘sit’ better than you found it” I think held up on all sits – Fareham, Bournemouth, Wales, six in Spain, Canada. Now I’m settled in Spain I’ve stopped sitting locally, and Shadow has passed on so Fareham is closed. Canada, it was near to Pantera and Tigre’s time this year, sad but I don’t expect a need there for me in 2019. Along with the pets I’ve met amazing folk and have new friends I cherish.

I will enjoy reading back through the blog, and add to it on a monthly update, but to all intents and purposes, as bugs said

8 thoughts on “Wrap-up time

  1. So sad to hear you are wrapping up the blog, we will miss you have fun in the next stage of your life I have no doubt you will make a success of anything you do. Don’t be a stranger.
    Love Anne and Gordon

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  2. Congrats Cliff on becoming (almost?) fully fledged Spanish citizen & on the many achievements you’ve contributed too. Enjoyed reading your blog & can imagine you utilising all your previous & more recently acquired skills to establishing your own ranchero in the hills 😀. Best wishes for next chapter. C & A


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