Boring Update 1. Waiting for Xmas

Winter in Southern Spain – getting through the harsh mid-twenties with a mess about in Las Azohia.

Putting The seats in the wrong way round meant the front rower (me) was actually left with trying to put your feet into the short cargo space!

Passing the time as December starts with a five hour drive to visit the family 🦍

Getting to Gibraltar by foot allows a stroll across the runway which serves as the Spanish- U.K. borderThe day time crossing can be interrupted by flightsThe apes are unperturbed by all the fuss, and concentrate on waiting to steal bags/sunglasses/snacks after you get up there

The AC Marriott Hotel in La Linea is decent, reasonable (£55) and a 15 min walk to the Gib border. Parking is safe outside the hotel or £7 underground.

Usual Gib stroll through what is now an elongated street Mall to the cable car (£15.50 return).

After an evening visit and then spending daylight hours on the Rock, we lifted and shifted to Algeciras ready for a day trip to North Africa.

The Reina Christina Hotel was cheaper, grander, bigger by miles and on the doorstep for the ferry

08:30 on the boat, breakfast at sea, Rock and Submarine spotting to pass the time (easier when they’re not dived)

Arrival in Cueta was impressive, clean and fascinating city that has a Spanish – Moroccan border on the outskirts. Claims to Gib by Spain must be ridiculed by their holding of a chunk of North Africa!

Visits to Tetuán and Tangiers were perfect to experience the infrastructure, history, markets and food.

I think the two day excursion would be better to have more free time in the markets and monuments if your keen on either.

A day trip to Cueta would be a great filler for anyone near Gib or Algiciras.

The coach was a favourite for the local kids to try riding under the chasis. Four had to be cleared just after leaving Tetuán and more when leaving Tangier. They pack the back of their clothes with plastic for soft landings when falling or dismounting

My last visit to Gib is hazy, but there were more bars then shops then

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  1. Good to see that you are still travelling mate. We are having a great time in Fuerteventura, which is another Spanish satellite. Although for some strange reason is outside the EU? According to duty free rules.


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