Update 3 – End of 2018

The blog works well for me at this time, as it’s easy to flick back through rather than select and post ‘highlights’ as FB and other media offer. Looking forward rather than back is my preference anyway.

My aspiration for travel, after the extended dog nursing duty, is to circumnavigate the planet. Planning has started.

Christmas weeks have been different as a Spanish dweller. Zero cards written, minimal present buying and Xmas dinner was at the Chinese Wok (buffet). The celebrations in Spain focus more on the 6th January

Three kings Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltasar — and the Spanish Christmas traditions. Once the end-of-the-year parties are over and the New Year begins, in Spain, the children are still waiting for the most important day of the holiday season. Every year, Three Kings Day.

Busy end of year for friends –

Blakey has made it a mission to eat all the holidays mince pies

Karl is ready to ‘ring in the new’ after starting a little redecoration

Margaret and Deryk have spent time with Anne and John in Benidorm. Dressed to impress and then taking it easy on the paseo with a double buggy

Sally and Martin enjoyed the holidays in Stourport while making plans for their coming six week Thailand trip

Stu is enjoying a Xmas break without Museum Wednesday’s, and meeting up at Pablo’s for a beer when I cycle the Rambla.

Joan is packing her bags for a cruise, another one!

Chrissie has kept me up with her news in a family letter, my ski oppo from Austria days on the piste is still in a dream since her BBC make-up artist time with some singing Partridge (apparently from a family of them🤷🏻‍♂️)Karen (sis) and Tommy have treated themselves to new cars (Rav and Frontier) and blessed themselves that their December was saved when my Abu Dhabi travel had to be postponed At home – A new project for me for the start of the year is to restore the solar power at Jason’s estate. Getting the best out of his 24 volt system with only two solar panels and 80 wet cell batteries has started with finding 10 of the batteries are unfit for purpose. Reconfigured to keep him ‘live’ was easy while I cost an upgrade to capacity

It’s been a good 2018 to watch Liverpool (first season I’ve missed being at an Anfield match), hopes are high for a top finish in five months, nice win for final 2018 game

Adiós 2018

4 thoughts on “Update 3 – End of 2018

  1. I enjoy your blog but you could have got a better photo of me. I’m very disappointed. I didn’t have any of them cakes or pastries it was just a staged photo. THERE WAS A CHEESE BOARD SO I KICKED THE ARSE OUT OF THAT WITH A GLASS OR THREE OF RED WINE, well maybe a bottle. Happy days. All the best mate. And a X for Prisie. P.S. I am going to send an e mail the Land Rover Monthly magazine regarding my trip down through France and Spain to you. You are on a few photos so can I have your permission to send them and maybe you will be in print.


  2. All the best for 2019 Cliff. Thanks for the introduction to the Costa Colida. Here again for a second bite at the cherry. Have found some great places to visit with a very agreeable climate. Finding it difficult to move on, needs must.
    Regards to Prissy.


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