Mid-January:- Apartment fitout, ‘i’tech and Solar start-up

Keyplan 3D is a great free app to use for designing house remodelling. Easy to use, even on my small iPhone 7.

The flat needs its makeover, with the work on the roof terrace also wanting upgrading from my plans into hands-on.

Small bits like the waterfall shower were easy to get done in-between lots of visits to Alley Palleys (at Campersol) for the holiday season football and meals. The walks and rides in mid twenties centigrade are not taking-off enough belly fat!

The RCD/MCCB fault at the finca was double checked with an inspection of the meters that supply Peter’s and his neighbors properties. Long overdue refurbishment, we sent pictures of exposed terminals and broken insulation to the landlords

Obviously discussed over a pint, where Peter asked for the name of a iPhone engineer. His problem was the loss of ring tone, alert tones and alarms. Being highly skilled and a government trained artificer, I switched his mute button to off and asked for €30’s repair fee🤷🏻‍♂️

Prisci is happy the family dog, Tumy, seems to be on the up. To help him along she took him to the annual ‘Baptism of the Animals’

Corvera Airport has now taken over from San Javier as Murcia International, with San Javier returning to its military airbase function.

My first visit was to pick-up Valerie and Ron, with a ‘red’ welcomeand finish the bottle at their finca

Karl is busy with his project, and I’m looking forward to giving a hand after concrete has setMeanwhile I’ve restored power to Jason’s property with a battery reconfigure and have costed for replacing the twenty batteries of the eighty that had to be withdrawn from the set-up

2019 feels like it has started at a fast rate, and as yet no concrete travel plan. A Global Explorer ticket is the outline plan. Travel one-way around the planet,maybe packing the toothbrush late Feb/March?