Passing the time: Córdoba and generators

Mid-Jan to Mid-Feb:

Valerie and Her brother-in-law arrived at the new Murcia International Airport (RMU has released ‘MSJ’back to its military function). I welcomed them with service they now expect – smart driver with chauffeur cap and vino tinto

Thirty minutes later it was glasses raised to their home arrival

Likes a drop of red does Ron…….

Córdoba was the next city visit, five hour drive with a stop at Ecuador!

The city is ideal to stroll around. Lots of cobbled streets with tapas bars around the Mosque

Breakfast by the river,

Then back to Cartagena Military Museum to start the new project – a British built generator set on a Military trailer. The ‘Lister’ engine is the one fitted in a vast majority of canal boats.

Ed (museum volunteer) asked if I could check out a small portable Hyundai generator that was used by builders. Looks like they ran it dry and the windings are earthing

The Pillar Drill in the museum workshop is back in service after I fitted new condenser and relay unit

Stu had a ‘lucky black cat’ story for the chips and Cerveza stop after Museum work. The cat survived being kicked (accident says he) when closing his gates in the dark. Stu wasn’t so lucky, tripped and banged his lip and head. The aim then was to make him smile so his lip cracked, tough challenge with ‘lippy’ ….

The weather difference between Puerto Mazarrón and U.K. is negligible I believe. Strolling the seafront in either place gives you red cheeks