Welsh visitors, so Vickers, Pool, Tennis and Vino (too late for Flyski)

Joan and Howard ( ‘H’ ) flew into the new Murcia International airport that’s just 30 mins away They had just missed the Spanish FlySki Championships held a few minutes from the apartment in Puerto Mazarron

I’m sure ‘H’ would have enjoyed the previous weeks event on the paseo. As the driver in 1972 of this GT250 (he built up) he would have appreciated the work done on the motors in the vintage car rally

There was a few things to do in the week Joan and ‘H’ had at Casa Cliff. I was keen to see them enjoy everyday as they’ve looked after me for months at a time in Wales (and housed my Frankia Motorhome).

Howard celebrated a birthday, which gave us a a mid-morning excuse to eat cake. Margaret dropped by and helped sing to the Septuagenarian. The tennis tournament was a two day series, our battle carried on from the Talacre and Holywell courts.

We took a trip up the mountains to the guns that were part of the Cartagena Port defences

There was time to try some Spanish farming by Joan, a change from her own ride-on mower at Lloc Farm

The Thursday night pool tournament saw Howard take the winners pot from the dozen or so regulars at the BuenaVista

The nearby bodega was forced to take extra delivery of vino tinto, pumping it in as fast as someone in the group drank it

Cartagena, and the standard photos in this beautiful city (enhanced with Howard’s temp crutch – awaiting knee surgery)Neither Camposol D nor a property in La Azohia took their fancy, so no residencia application needed yet

Santa Elena Tower was being used for wedding shoots when we took time to explore it and all decide it is probably the nicest of the four beach areas we walked

Really great week spending time with Joan and H, more time needed for tile shopping for Joan’s Spanish-look around the Arga she has. Beach horse riding, and in warmer weather – paddle board and kayaking still to do.

The end of evening wine and dominoes saw ‘H’ take the Puerto M crown – challenge on in September then ….🎱

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