May Mayhem

The May month-end will start the six week visit to Canada, just a few things meanwhile to pass the other 26 days.

Nice of the neighbourhood to have a fiesta in the street – joy or sadness at my leaving?

The Volvo has been showing a Diesel Particle Filter fault on the dashboard (orange engine symbol) that I used my OBDII reader to analyse. After checking a few things (sensor, drove a manual forced regeneration), I stripped the air filter and pipe work to reach the sensor tubes from the DPF body.

I was anticipating a new DPF at £800, and/or sensor and pipes at £300.

Finding the outlet pipe perished away, inside the thermal protection tube, from the DPF – I tried to buy replacement hose

The Guy at the motor factors saw I only needed the short piece and said no charge (only €6/Mtr anyway).

It felt like I was a £1,000 up – the C30 running perfect.

Next job – Chirivel for sockets and fanlights, easy and a pleasant 3 hr round trip via Lorca. Picked up the Rich’s from the airport, and would return them

Won a couple of the Thursdays pool comps in BuenaVista Repaired an amplifier for KeesonRestored Nadine’s robot vacuum to full working order

Made a good start on four broken Sky boxesVoted in Spain as a European Citizen for the first time

Took care to set the floodlights at Karl’s as level and central as possible – easily a blot on the landscape of the superb frontage if slightly off

Did a plumbing job and some lights in a Camposol home

Picked up Valerie from the airport and had Terrace Tapas with her and Stu (who would be my lift to Murcia International)

I bought an easel! Looked a bargain and thought it was something that my cousin Joan might want to have in her barnhouse

May is also a remembrance time for me. Count my stars I came home from the Falklands (RAF from Ascension after losing Sheffield to an Exocet)

Time to stow all tools and pack to fly vía Bournemouth then Gatwick to Toronto

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  1. Haven’t you been a busy boy think you need a holiday. Great news about pdf bet if a garage was involved they would have replaced the pdf. Well worth investigating if anyone has the same problem. Still remember the Falkland homecoming celebrations, well half of them the rest is a blare. Don’t remember much of the next day either. Have a great time and give Prisci a X from us.

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