Worlds Longest FW Beach, Boats and Planes.

Joan and Kevin have a boat at the marina, so a bit of sea-time had to happen on the first day. He and I both ex-Royal Navy, struggling to remember all the ‘pipes’, knots and military naval jargon that didn’t matter a jot on Georgian Bay

Pantera and Tigre were introduced to Prisci, and being Costa Rican born were used to a Spanish lilt and chat. She had followers dawn to dusk

I was happy to have the keys for the Merc again,

Before Joan and Kevin headed off to Costa Rica they cooked us some great meals and we had a music night at the Queens Quay, where Kevin performed a few songsThe next pub night was at Flynn’s Irish Bar in penetanguishene to watch Liverpool in the European Champions Final

There are a few beaches to check out, Balm beach was first. I checked the water temperature and think it might need another few degrees before the Paddle Board session

Wasaga Beach was a surprise. I knew it was a bigger town and there is a great atmosphere at the bars along The waterfront, but hadn’t realised it held two distinctions

First was the fact that it is the Worlds Longest Freshwater Beach

Secondly, it’s where the first Canada Transatlantic Flight took off from

Getting back to live music in the town, we watched a local band who had scored No 1’s. Midland Culture Centre presented ColdJack. I’m not sure how the communication error occurred, but Prisci was sitting waiting for an evening of Hypnotism (even while sitting in front of a stage prepared for an eight-piece group🤷🏻‍♂️

A day of rain stopped the 20Km walks, and a visit to the SS Tirikeewan filled in the damp hours.

The ship is the same era as Titanic and is the only surviving ship built of that time. She had to be built it two halves with water tight bulkheads to sail the halves singly through the locks onto the Great Lakes.

The interior is really plush, fitted out as in the day. The tri-cylinder engine is in pristine working condition. Ready to sail if the helmsman was up to the job….Saturday in Midland was Butter Tarts Fair Day. The Main Street packed with stalls that are packed with Butter Tarts

Prisci tried to catch the wrong bus home, but had mentioned she wanted to tick-off seeing a yellow school bus. Not arrested this time after I chased the bus and explained to the driver, lucky girl

Another night of music, then we prepare for our first hours in pilot training

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