Merseyside meets in Midland, and an Airport run goes how many ‘sheets to the wind’?

Busy times around the bazaars again this week, people on the move.

Valerie’s three sons met up with her in her Cartagena home, flying in from Spain/Shrewsbury/Vancouver, to enjoy 30 degs weather and the odd tot

The outside bath took a battering from Peter, Paul and John

small favours abound in the Rambla, and Stu offered to do Airport runs that I would do while I am in Canada – good man.

The Davidson’s chipped in help with an offer of laundry 🧺 for Valerie, allowing her and guests to make good getaways.

My time was taken with lunch on decking beside Georgian Bay with Blakey, Kath (on holiday with friends Geraldine and Ted, who live just two hours away in Gelph). We’re all from Gods county in the North West U.K. – Wallasey/Liverpool.

We showed them around Midtown and Penetanguishene, popping into Kevin and Joan’s for coffee and Butter Tarts. Blakey had a Captains chair sit on the boat as we passed the marina

Messages from Spain showed Margaret and Deryk had their hands fullStu was doing some running around, his visitors to the airport, laundry drop off and clearing away.

A deserved Cerveza on his roof terrace after a busy day – well earned Stu.

Margaret and Deryk dropped the sausage tasting ready to spring into Dhobi Whalla pose

Stu – an aide memoir..

The bins in Cartagena are communal containers in the high streets, Guess where Valerie’s bedding is😂

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