Axe Throwing, Canada Day, Fireworks Afloat, Take-up Arms, Falls v Penetang

The final two weeks of the six week visit ware spent at festivals and restaurants.

The Ribfest and Craft Ale weekend in Midland had a neat Axe Throwing event. Five dollars Canadian gave you six chances to hit three bulls – I managed just onePrisci wasn’t too far off matching me, and oddly had a few more cheers from the Craft Ale Male spectators

But a chance to take a 6.5 litre truck for a test drive meant I didn’t dwell on the three axes that had bounced flat and lay on the floor

A few cycle rides were over 5 hours and when visiting Victoria Harbour gave the chance to check out a more senior vehicle. The Ford ‘A’ was immaculate

Little Lake in Midland we’re sharing the Canada Day celebrations with Penetanguishene. Great music at the bandstand

And Joan and Kevin were back from Costa Rica to take the boat out and anchor in Penetanguishene Harbour for the night time events

The Mercedes needed a goodbye run, so we took a trip south of Barrie to an indoor range that allowed walk-ins to fire any gun/rifle you could think of –

Joab and Kevin treated us both to a meal out to thank us for enjoying ourselves in their beautiful home!

Discussing a return to Canada caused them a little serious thought, but the shock wore off and we discussed a trip to South America together and a purchase of a boat to cruise together on the lake (two ex-Royal Navy chaps, what could go wrong?)

A farewell Hug all round was a hurried affair at the station. Waiting for a train that seemed late, I noticed a GO bus a few hundred yards away pulling in. I ran after the bus just in time to hold it. No time for goodbyes, we were on our way for a five hour journey to Niagara Falls.

Maid of the Mist, Fireworks and crossing the Peace Bridge to stroll around on USA soil all achieved – did Falls fireworks beat Penetanguishene?

The Megabus took us back to Toronto and after a Denny’s lunch we were ready for Pearson Airport

Sad to leave Canada and our friends in Penetanguishene (Joan, Kevin, Pantera and Tigre)

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  1. It was great to have you both! Our boys best sitters ever, it’s been 3 years running. South America adventure sounds great together.
    Thanks for everything & our paths will cross soon.


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