Return to Puerto, ‘Early Doors’ and a Terrace Takeaway

A delay of an hour to our Toronto flight was not a worry, but the additional hour sitting on the plane while security looked for baggage in the hold that didn’t add up with the paperwork was frustrating. Trying to make up lost time during the flight was wasted when we were put on holding patterns over London

The delay ensured we missed The booked National Coach transfer to Luton.

The National Coach Help desk said they could re-book us. Then asked for the full fare again. Selling us seats that we’d already paid for didn’t seem to fit the ‘re-book’ criteria.

Still, I’d factored in extra hours for the transfer and we comfortably made our Ryan Air flight to Murcia (RMU International).

Stu was there to pick us up, from a delayed flight of an hour – small hiccups in the 31 hours we had been on the move since leaving Niagara Falls.

Stu had been busy on airport runs, he’d picked up my visiting relatives the day before our Sunday arrival. Joan, Howard and her twin nieces were spending a week in Hotel La Cumbre (250 mtrs from Casa Cliff).

The apartment fridge held a surprise. Margaret and Deryk had popped in and put the fridge on and stocked it with a home made Cottage Pie 😍 Bonus – hot meal before bed

The week with Joan’s gang started with a Bolnuevo breakfast after picking them upthen a marina strollAn evening drink in El Faro bar/restaurante overlooked the harbourThere was a bike ride along the coast Joan had steering problemsHer Welsh ways meant he were forced to drink and tapas in a local bar at an hour that used to be the evening opening bar times in U.K. (17:00 until 22:30). Getting there for the doors opening is Evans family practice. mid-week was the return to my care-in- the-community role, looking after Stu and trying to get him to work without both hands in pockets or on hips

The kayak and Paddle Board were inflated for a water sports day. Quite relaxing after getting the girls up and paddling on the board, I showed them how to dismount while taking a small wave from behind

An evening on the apartment terrace with an Indian Meal from Sartaj was fun. We had a little dance from the master

Cartagena stroll with a Thinker photo is a visitors must, which followed from a pop to Camposol for Prisci’s dogs vet. Camposol has a mixed reception, enjoyed by many for its ex-pat community life, but some were sold poor quality homes on shifting land.

Back to Puerto and a visit to the karaoke bar (all too shy to go anywhere near a mike) The week ended with the car packed post Hotel checkout, a breakfast in Casa Cliff

Walking off breakfast before the mid-afternoon airport run, we visited Jesus Howard was approached by a joyful Tim to shake hands and praise his shirt choice. I took a picture and said I wouldn’t use it or mention it looked like somewhere was hosting a Gay Pride event – but I lied, here it is

The twins (not the above) are heading home to receive their First Class Honours awards. It was brilliant to spend time with family I’ve not had a chance to get to know with the miles. Their parents and sister dined them out in celebration 🍾

Have to get back into the beach-bum groove again now I suppose