Concerts, Winery, Pools, Macerator Loo and WWII kit runs again.

The Keane and Tears For Fears Concert in Valencia was a three hour drive on empty Autovías. The choice of motorway cafe v McDonalds v off route Cafe led to a five minute wander off the A31.

The Winery of Casa Cesilia is a beautiful place. Manicured grounds with peacocks, amazing entrance that has a glass floor over the basement wine tasting cellar

Valencia has built a modern/futuristic area of the city around the harbour and Oceangrafic. we were early at the concert…and enjoyed the support band (brilliant drummer) Las Planetos

Small jobs were lining up in Puerto after the Canada/Cousin visit/Valencia distraction over eight weeks.

I popped to Camposol and finished the Macerator Toilet, hand basin, shower installation. New lights and fan finished off the porcelain plumbing and electrical work.

Deryk had an irrigation problem, the pump to be replaced was inaccessible for him. I fitted the submersible pump in the remote deposit, only getting stung by wasps five times (the one behind my ear was a stinger).

Sean’s dad was having a problem with his recently refurbished swimming pool. A Buick visit found the control valve wrongly installed and glass filter media had entered the system. Air entering the pump via a wrong type of filter bowl cover was the last correction before all good again.

A coffee with Karl on a chance meeting in Pablo’s revealed a need to visit to set up the satellite channels on the system – stopping the need to scroll past 20 repeated found channels each time – easily sorted

A great success at the Military Museum where the work Stu and I had progressed over the last few months was rewarded with a 1945 Lister Generator bursting into life.

The start-ups had run the battery down when attempting to run the engine after each fault we cleared.

I put the battery’s on charge with a plan th put them in parallel to maximise engine throw over.

Stu thought the charge rates looked a little low to non-at all. His smile on seeing my connection cock-up was only beaten by the later one when we got the thing running. I carefully removed both red positive protection caps on the battery posts, but didn’t do the same to the Black negative posts – a muppet moment

Moving on, I had another pump job to do at Valerie’s. The bore hole pump was causing a total mains trip after 20 mins of running.

I checked out the supply, the feed cables, the 40 metres of cable down the bore hole and the control box

By chance I wandered past the bore hole filters after Daan had run them on a visit to check the system with him. The damp area around the third filter was a quickly soaking away puddlea filter clean and re-sit of a blown seal cured the problem. The pump had worked each time for a period until it couldn’t overcome the partial blockage and cavitation of air, and tripped on overload. A Cerveza at Pablo’s followed the 2hour trial run while filling the deposit.

The emails from the Museum – Kathryn Nye Secretary, Pedro Engineering Supervisor and the Association made it a very satisfying blog period

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