Testimonial – Who Are You

‘What are you doing here?’
The lady who knocked on the door seemed a little tense and overbearing for a concerned neighbour.
I had flown from a Spain Sit to Manchester, then driven direct to Bournemouth to a Sit.
Keys with a neighbour collected, and my bags indoors.
The irate knocker turned out to be the HO. Got her dates mixed – lovely lady, apologised and Sit rearranged. AirBnB for a few days for me, enjoying a walkabout.

Alls well that ends ….

Posted on House Sitters World by Karen Hodgson – 11th December 2016:

Oh my goodness, I can’t thank Cliff Evans enough for my wonderful return home- cliff, the house looks amazing!! Thank you so very very much for all you’ve done to the place in our absence!! The lights in the garden, being able to see the front door in the dark, and oh my goodness- the kitchen!! I’m completely blown away and completely impressed especially after my embarrassing initial meeting of you!! And I cant wait to see the girls faces when they see you’ve fixed their toy kitchen!! Many many thanks 😁